For students or individuals that might not be aware of where their skills are specifically lacking, or for those who want a more in depth experience, we offer several programs. These programs cover specific topics, and while they are designed to span over many weeks, they can be lengthened or shortened to fit your schedule and pace.

Perfect Paper Program

This six week* course teaches students a foolproof formula for producing cohesive and strong academic papers of all sorts. Each session the student will learn a key aspect of academic writing and will be able to take the skills forward and apply them to all the future essays, research papers, and reports they need to write in the future.

Course Flat Rate: $250

Pillars of Writing

This four week* course focuses on the main primary pillars of writing, giving students a foundation to build future skills on. In each session students will learn one of the four vital aspects of strong writing, be it academic, business, personal, or even hobby.

Course Flat Rate: $300

*Pace can be adjusted as needed.